Thursday, 10 January 2013

Final Draft Version 2 (Post 2 of 2)

First up, a picture, so this is not just a bundle of text, in this case, the illustration for the Assassin unit.


Now...more feedback providing fresh ideas for simplification and speeding things up, plus my comments...

1. No starting bundle of Build cards - you get whatever the die rolls produce plus your "controlled areas in card points" cards and that's it.
2. Draw Fate cards equal to mana - no more than 5 (?) can be carried forward to future turns but you can play all the cards you draw if you wish.
3. Build cards are discarded for mana at the end of your turn. No carry forward of those, score the points as per current "in-game" card discards

The three above would fit nicely with the current rules, particularly the reduced unit purchase costs.

4. Victory points at the end of the game are
a) accumulated mana points
b) one point per area held
c) mana points generated by any controlled area - black areas, special sites
d) one point per "mortal" unit on game board - armies, cities, mages and giant

OK, particularly if no end resource card mana, but this removes the hidden points element of the game.

5. Allow use of rain / weather cards as spoilers for other player actions?

Add to list of optional / advanced rules.

Intended Consequences 

Fewer cards and fewer decisions - at a guess there will be fewer cities and mages so less mana around

Yes on cards in general, but lower unit cost will mean reasonable amounts of units.

More emphasis on control of the board so more reason for conflict and more interaction during other people's turns

Yes, this is what I want to achieve.

Mortal units are rarer but valuable, "Fate Card" monsters are common but unreliable.

Yes, for fate card beasties.

No "funny last turn" with people hoarding cards.

Yes. Upside is 'normal' last turn, downside is no hidden victory points.

Unintended Consequences

Am I turning this into a different kind of game?

Don't think so.

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