Tuesday, 30 April 2013

MM: Development Ideas


Alternative action rounds

Alternative action rounds to reduce player downtime and make the game more 'simultaneous'.

Each player must take one action in turn.

The "Card" Action would be (a) Play a Fate card effect, or, (b) Activate an area to take an action in (build unit(s), attack, move into). This action would end when you have played your fate card effect or have finished with an activated area.

Calculating Fate Points to add to the VP Track would be part of the 'End Turn' Action.


Combat card - allow defending stack to bypass attacker and attack original area of attacker.

Pre-placed fate cards under unit cards that act as pre-played defence. Could be a bluff if not a combat card.

Optional Rule: Spend 2 mana for +1 in combat up to max 8 mana  for +4.

Optional Rule: Beat defenders in a combat, get a fate card (if playing with items, get an item)

Add a simple 'calculator' for winning.

Fate Card unit: Faerie vampire - leech mana from an opponent.

Optional Rule: Least mana goes first each turn.


Spell mechanism:
Get one spell card blind from deck for each spellcaster deployed
Or pick spells to buy. Cost to buy will be cheaper than cost to cast
Mage, Witch, Spell Fumbler, Hedge Mage - various chances of backfire
Spells: Enchant / Unenchant?
Spell: Retreat before combat
Spell: Force Attack
Spell: Stop Attack
Spell: Stop Move
Spell: Force Move
Spell (ability?): Retreat before combat
Spell: Square go - call out one character for one to one combat
Spell: Summon Sea Troll, can move two sea areas, immune to Maelstrom effects, 5/2/-2, mana cost to cast = 3?
Spell: Summon Tomte, 0/2/0, no cost to cast / summon
Spell: Haud yer weesht - no human character bonus in combat

Floating City
Flying City
City Walls

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