Wednesday, 1 May 2013

MM: Europe - new ideas

MM: Europe Version

Map will include areas that may be subject to sea-level rise, i.e. they become sea areas if drowned land card  for that area is played.

8 potential drowned lands?

- Any city unit in an area that has a drowned land card played on it is destroyed, all other units are unaffected(? or lose one health)

Draw drowning land cards at start and place them face down against turn track, i.e. each player draws 2 cards and then decides which order they will take effect.

This means limited knowledge of which areas will be affected.

More cards than possible slots, so uncertainty as to which areas will come out.

Glaciated areas that become available as glaciers melt - similar rules to above.

Players make up all stacks in advance (# stacks? time limited? Dummy units?).

Each player in turn then places one stack on the board in the area of their choice until all stacks are deployed.

Fill the rest with defenders.

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